Interior design Cote d'Azur France
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Interior design Cote d’Azur France

The French Riviera can be a place of beauty, both inside and out!

  • We proudly offer exclusive interior design services for our clients on the Cote d’Azur. Whether your preference is modernism or minimalism, or even hi-tech, our team of professionals will work with you to create a personalized design for your apartment, cottage, or villa.
  • For our clients who require renovation and new construction, we offer complete architectural design services.
  • We use the finest quality materials sourced from France, Italy, and Spain.
  • We also offer full landscape design. We will even design the shape and appearance of the pool. The exterior of the facade will be as stunning as a sunset over the Mediterranean.
  • Night brings a new beauty to the Riviera, and architectural lighting will highlight the facade, terrace, and garden.
  • We strive to make our design projects worry-free for our clients.
  • We focus on details, because details are what make a house a home.
  • We consider irrigation and drainage for lawns, flower gardens and trees.
  • We ensure proper installation of electrical and plumbing equipment, video surveillance, and “Smart Home” systems.
  • We prepare project paperwork of re/construction of the site, the house and appearance of your housing to be approved by yours neighbors and the municipal governments.
  • We help our clients visualize their dreams, then make them real!